IDEAL-TEK: ESD Ergonomic Tweezers

2A ESD Cushion Grip Tweezers

Quick overview

5”  125 mm
Strong, sharp, rounded tips

ESD cushion grip handles

ESD Cushion Grip type DR

  • NBR vulcanized nitrile rubber.
  • Very soft and elastic, good tear resistance.
  • Outstanding abrasion/wear resistance (improved lifetime)
  • Good chemical resistance (oils, grease, fuels, acid, detergents and soaps), good hydrolytic resistance (hot water).
  • Electrically static dissipative, low surface resistivity (108 Ohm). ESD-safe material.
  • Typical applications include ESD-safe handles, floor and work surface mats.
Item Code
2A.SA.DR Anti-Magnetic Anti-Acid Stainless Steel body with ESD cushion grip handles (DR) 0 2A SADR6 1.164.000 đ ADD

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