IDEAL-TEK: Reverse Action Tweezers

7X Reverse Action Tweezers

Quick overview

4 1/2”  115 mm
Very fine, curved

Stainless steel type SA

  • Low carbon Austenitic steel.
  • Contains from 16.5 to 18.5 wt% chromium and has important quantities of nickel and molybdenum as additional alloying elements.
  • Non-magnetizable.
  • Good corrosion resistance to most chemicals, salts and acids.
  • Generally used where corrosion resistance and toughness are primary requirements.
  • Typical applications for the electronic industry, watch-makers, jewelers and laboratory and medical applications in moderately aggressive chemical environments.
Item Code
7X.SA Anti-Magnetic Anti-Acid Stainless Steel 0 7X SA 1 1.065.000 đ ADD

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