IDEAL-TEK: Diamond Tweezers

MFP Diamond Tweezers

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6 1/4” 160 mm
The precision drilled 0.5 mm hole in both sides at the tip allows the user to hold the diamond securely by resting the culet in one hole and turing the stone with finger or probe. Precisely balanced with squared serration makes for easy grip and a clear view.



Inox Steel type S

  • Martensitic higher carbon steel.
  • Magnetizable.
  • Contains from 12.5 to 14.5 wt% chromium.
  • Can be hardened by heat treatment, forming should be done in the annealed condition.
  • Less resistant to corrosion than the Austenitic or Ferritic grades.
  • Used where strength and/or hardness are of primary concern and where the environment is relatively mild from a corrosive standpoint.
  • Typical applications for the electronic industry, watch-makers, jewelers and laboratory and medical applications in mild aggressive chemical environments.
Item Code
MF.S Stainless Steel - 0.5 mm hole 0 MF SA 0 đ ADD
MFG.S Stainless Steel - 0.3 mm hole 0 MFG SA 0 đ ADD

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