PB SWISS TOOLS: Fabric Tool sets

PB 5542 SU SL GY

Quick overview

Classic VDE Slim screwdriver set in a compact high-quality, 2-in-1 fabric roll-up case: 

  • For slotted and Phillips screws.
  • Basic equipment for assembly and servicing work, workshops at home or on the road, suitable for many uses.
  • Precise, true-to-size tips, optimal fit in the screw heads.
  • With blade diameter tapered towards the tip, for deep-set screws and spring terminals.
  • Slim handle, compact and ideal for fine tuning work.
  • Fully insulated up to 1000 V AC / 1500 V DC based on IEC/EN 60900, VDE-tested, VDE tested, ensuring safety at work.
  • Color coded by screw type, quick identification.
  • 5 quality tools clearly arranged, ready for use.
  • High-quality materials used, resistant to solvents, oils, acids and salts.
  • Special alloy based on spring steel, exceptional elasticity coupled with high grade hardening.
  • 2-in-1 roll-up case: rolled out it can be hung up horizvert or rolled up it is a compact transport case.
  • Made of robust polyester fabric, washable and easy to clean thanks to PVC coating.
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PB 5542.SU SL GY Grey 2, 3, 4 1, 2 272 1 0 7 610733 284641 4.533.000 đ ADD

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