Ceramic Replaceable tips Tweezers

Zirconia ceramic precision tips (MZ) and ESD ceramic precision tips (ZJ) . Contamination free, high temperature (1400°C) wear and solder resistant. Stainless steel (SA) handles. PATENT PENDING NO. 1750/97, Alignable replaceable tips.

Full Ceramic Tweezers

Made from Zirconia, which has a superior combination of high strength and flexibility

  • Hard surface
  • Good abrasion and wear resistance
  • Excellent thermal properties
  • High temperature stability
  • Extreme corrosion resistance

Full ceramic tweezers are suitable for handling of EOS/ESD sensitive components, handling of components during thermal, chemical and soldering processes.

2AMZ_Ceramic Replaceable Tips Tweezers 71MZ_Ceramic Replaceable Tips Tweezers 72MZ_Ceramic Replaceable Tips Tweezers
2AMZ Ceramic Replaceable tips Tweezers 71MZ Ceramic Replaceable tips Tweezers 72MZ Ceramic Replaceable tips Tweezers
Flat round tips Fine tips Fine strong tips

73MZ_Ceramic Replaceable Tips Tweezers
 74MZ_Ceramic Replaceable Tips Tweezers 7MZ_Ceramic Replaceable Tips Tweezers
73MZ Ceramic Replaceable tips Tweezers 74MZ Ceramic Replaceable tips Tweezers 7MZ Ceramic Replaceable tips Tweezers
Fine strong tips Strong tips Fine curved tips

2AZJK_ESD Ceramic Replaceable Tips Tweezers 71ZJ_ESD Ceramic Replaceable Tips Tweezers 72ZJ_ESD Ceramic Replaceable Tips Tweezers
2AZJK ESD Ceramic Replaceable tips Tweezers 71ZJ ESD Ceramic Replaceable tips Tweezers 72ZJ ESD Ceramic Replaceable tips Tweezers
Flat round tips Fine tips Fine strong tips

8501_Full Ceramic Tweezers 8501F_Full Ceramic Tweezers 8501FGG_Full Ceramic Tweezers
8501 Full Ceramic Tweezers 8501F Full Ceramic Tweezers 8501FGG Full Ceramic Tweezers
Serrated round tips Round tips and smooth Extreme sharp tips

8507 Full Ceramic Tweezers    
Curved tips    
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