Three sizes - three shapes
The PB Swiss Tools cross-handle screwdrivers:

Cross-handle_Small Handle

 Small Handle
  • Quick turning
  • Tightening and loosening with thumb and forefinger
Cross-handle_Medium Handle Medium Handle
  • The egg-shaped contouring prevents pressure points in the fully closed hand
  • The asymmetrical shape keeps the wrist straight and protects it from strain
Cross-handle_Large Handle Large Handle
  • Safe exertion of highest hand torque
  • Optimal fit in the hand
  • The asymmetrical shape keeps the wrist straight and protects it from strain


Colour-coding according to screw type



Cross-handle screwdriver with tube

The popular long cross-handle screwdriver for hexagon socket screws is now available with a rapid turn sleeve. The rapid turn sleeve allows precise control of the blade with one hand and rapid turning with the other.
The cross-handle is optimally shaped to suit your hand. Its asymmetric form ensures you keep your wrist straight and do not strain it whilst ensuring high performance.



  Cross-handle with lateral drive
The ergonomic 2-component cross-handle with a coating made of high-quality Santoprene® fits perfectly in the hand and allows fatigue-free working.
  CROSS-HANDLES_lateral drive
CROSS-HANDLES_lateral drive_Extra high torque values        CROSS-HANDLES_lateral drive_Quick turning 
Quick turning Extra high torque values


Sliding cross-handle
The new PB Swiss Tools hex screwdriver with sliding cross-handle is perfectly suited for applying high torques.

The movable sliding handle features a two-sided sliding stop and always enables the perfect use of this tool for the respective screw operation: For tightening or loosening as well as quickly screwing screws in or out.

All three drives feature the same quality characteristics: High degree of hardness and toughness, precision, special alloy.

CROSS-HANDLES_Sliding cross-handle CROSS-HANDLES_Sliding cross-handle1



Ergonomic - less strain on wrist
Effortless application of high torque
Colour-coded by screw type




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