Comfortable and precision handling of electronic components for soldering operations. Available in straight or bent (Suffix B) version and various lengths. For very firm hold available in stainless steel (SA) or nickel plated (NP).

29_Strong Tweezers 30_Strong Tweezers 30D_Strong Tweezers
29 Heavy Duty Tweezers 30 Heavy Duty Tweezers 30D Heavy Duty Tweezers
6 1/2"  165 mm
Desoldering tweezers strong blunt serrated tips
 6 1/2''  165 mm
Desoldering tweezers strong blunt, bent serrated tips
 6''  155 mm
Reverse action desoldering tweezers straight tips, to remove 14-16 pin DIP/IC

31_Strong Tweezers  57A_Strong Tweezers 7000_Strong Tweezers_Bent
31 Heavy Duty Tweezers 57A Heavy Duty Tweezers 7000 Bent Heavy Duty Tweezers
4 1/2''  115 mm
Fine and sharp tips
 5 1/2''  140 mm
Heavy Duty Tweezers with strong, blunt, rhomb serrated tips.
Locking System

Very strong blunt bent tips serrated tips and grips

7000_Strong Tweezers    
7000 Heavy Duty Tweezers    

Very strong blunt serrated tips and grips

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