The compact PB Swiss Tools roll-up cases are professional tool sets: they are indispensable companions for assembly and servicing work, for leisure at home and on the move. With the comprehensive blade assortment for all common types and sizes of screw, no screw will stay loose. With the bit-holder interchangeable blades, all PrecisionBits of type C6 can be used in all exchangeable and torque handles.

ROLL-UP CASES_Details_PB 510ROLL-UP CASES_Details_PB 215ROLL-UP CASES_Details_PB 7215
PB 510PB 215PB 7215

ROLL-UP CASES_Details_PB 8215ROLL-UP CASES_Details_PB 8218ROLL-UP CASES_Details_PB 8515
PB 8215PB 8218PB 8515


    The roll-up case PB 8215 is also available in a version with ESD handles. They protect electronic components by reliably dissipating electrostatic charges.

Exclusive gift idea: The practical roll-up case printed with the first class tools packed into the logo, name or signature is a unique gift!
Saves space and weight

Comprehensive assortment of interchangeable blades
The ideal gift

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