The new PB Swiss Tools SwissGrip VDE electrician’s screwdrivers deliver the force even better from your hand to the screw. It is proportioned and precise, thanks to its characteristic shape and the bonding of a skin-friendly elastomer coating to a particularly tough polypropylene core. It is for everything that could be under Voltage. And therefore, from the handle to the blade, it is fully insulated to 1000£V in accordance with IEC/EN 60900.

VDE Screwdrivers_SwissGrip_ICON Power handle
Precise metered transmission of force from your hand to the screw.
VDE Screwdrivers_TESTED Safety
Fully insulated up to 1000 V in accordance with IEC/EN 60900.

The power grip facilitates torque transmission
Handle and blade are fully insulated – VDE approved
Non-irritating and non-slip, two-component force handle


VDE Screwdrivers_SwissGrip


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