For demanding technical applications

Titanium is particularly suited for use in the chemical and offshore industries and in aerospace engineering. This new product line is the right choice whenever anti-magnetic properties, high resistance to corrosion and extreme toughness combined with low weight and biocompatibility are required.

Titanium is a high quality material with outstanding properties. Obtaining and processing titanium is difficult and therefore several times more expensive than for steel. Titanium has a high specific strength and great elastic energy absorption. Titanium is nearly 50% less dense than steel. Its high thermal capacity is another useful property.

The material's maximum strength of 40 HRC means the torques are lower than those for PB Swiss Tools spring steel tools (58-60 HRC).

Their exclusive quality features

  • Outstanding corrosion resistance
  • Anti-magnetic behavior for use in strong magnetic fields (e.g. computer tomography)
  • High specific strength
  • High elastic energy consumption capacity
  • Low weight - 50% reduced density compared to steel
  • High thermal stress

Range of applications

SPECIAL TOOLS_Titanium_Aerospace SPECIAL TOOLS_Titanium_Shipyard SPECIAL TOOLS_Titanium_Chemical
Aerospace engineering Shipyard and shipping Drilling rigs
SPECIAL TOOLS_Titanium_Drilling SPECIAL TOOLS_Titanium_Medical  
Chemical industry  Medical engineering  


Extremely light





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