For reliable work with predefined torques for controlled screw connections, PB Swiss Tools offers two variants of torque handles:

  • MecaTorque
  • MecaTorque preset
  • DigiTorque

Mechanical design, adjustable, with scale

TORQUE TOOLS_icon_MecaTorque TORQUE TOOLS_Details_MecaTorque TORQUE TOOLS_Details_MecatTorque ESD TORQUE TOOLS_Details_MecaTorque VDE

The MecaTorque handles feature a mechanical design without electronics and without batteries. They are reliable, robust and accurate.

 MecaTorque ESD
The SwissGrip torque handles in ESD design allow controlled screwing and even in ESD-protected areas.
 MecaTorque VDE
The MecaTorque VDE offers a safe and controlled tightening of the screws for all electrical work.
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Mechanical design, can be recalibrated, without scale
TORQUE TOOLS_icon_MecaTorque preset TORQUE TOOLS_Details_MecaTorque Preset    
  MecaTorque preset
The new MecaTorque handles with preset torque ensure an exact and repeatable working. Particularly suited for working in industrial areas, such as assembly or machining.

Electronic, adjustable, with digital display

TORQUE TOOLS_icon_DigiTorque TORQUE TOOLS_Details_DigiTorque    
Easily settable with digital display of the value, for diverse use. Cross-handle model, flexible use, for high torque.

Both versions cover the entire range continuously between 0.1 and 16 Nm.

TORQUE TOOLS_Torque range

  • The MecaTorque is available in ESD design for work in ESD-protected areas.
  • In the VDE version, it guarantees safe working up to 1000 V AC or 1500 V DC.
  • All handles with the exception of the small MecaTorque for use with precision blades consist of two components. 
  • All of the torque handles are supplied with test certificate +/- 6% according to EN/ISO 6789.


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