Specially intended for applications where a high precise self-closing action is required (e.g. microscopy).
Extra fine tips in anti-acid/anti-magnetic stainless steel (SA).

2AX_Reverse Action Tweezers 3X_Reverse Action Tweezers 5X_Reverse Action Tweezers
2AX Reverse Action Tweezers 3X Reverse Action Tweezers 4X Reverse Action Tweezers
4 3/4"  120 mm
Flat accurate round tips
 4 3/4''  120 mm
Very sharp, fine
 4 1/4''  110 mm
Extra fine tips

5TTHX_Reverse Action Tweezers 5AX_Reverse Action Tweezers 4X_Reverse Action Tweezers
5AX Reverse Action Tweezers 5TTHX Reverse Action Tweezers 5X Reverse Action Tweezers
4 1/2''  115 mm
Extra fine tips, superior finish
 4 1/4''  110 mm
Extra fine, with lock-ring
 4 1/4''  110 mm
Extra fine tips, superior finish

7X_Reverse Action Tweezers K5PINX_Reverse Action Tweezers  
7X Reverse Action Tweezers K5PINX Reverse Action Tweezers  
4 1/2''  115 mm
Very fine, curved
 5 pcs per set: 2AX, 3X, 5X, 5AX, 7X
Transparent blue plastic packaging with closure button
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