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PB Swiss Tools - Since 1878, operating as a family business. Today, their products are still entirely developed and produced in Switzerland wit sustainability in mind. This results in hand tools  of unsurpassed precision, toughness and flexibility. Excellent tools for high-standard work. PB Swiss Tools also fulfills individual customer wishes for special tools. Ask about their novelties and observe the serial numbers for an unlimited time guarantee for your tools.

135 Years

1878  - 1939: Founding periods

Everything began with a village smithy at the heart of the Swiss Emmental. Until far into the 20th century, in this trade company exclusively hardware for agriculture was made. Then Paul Baumann (PB) brought his son Max Sr. into the business.


1940 - 1980: Industrial pioneer work

The production of hand tools was originally carried out for the Swiss army. The path to success was predestined. The demand from trade and industry for the Swiss quality tools quickly and continuously rose. Also internationally: As early as 1960, PB Swiss Tools exported to all five continents. The production halls were expanded and the processes automated. Until today the innovative energy which is anchored in solid craftsmanship has remained typical for PB Swiss Tools.


1981- 2009: Expansion of the market leadership

Since 1981 PB Swiss Tools has been managed by the fourth generation. Today Eva Jaisli leads the company. She is ­responsible for marketing and the markets. Her husband Max Baumann Jr. leads development and quality assurance. 160 competent employees commit themselves daily for the PB Swiss Tools assortment. They stand for the 100% vertical integration in Switzerland and guarantee quality, permanent innovation and long term customer relationships. PB Swiss Tools fulfills the expectations of international customers. They appreciate the commitment for sustainable development by PB Swiss Tools as a Swiss family company.