HEX KEY L-WRENCHES_90°–100°_Metrics size


90°–100° hex key L-wrenches with ball point and very short key part
Thanks to the very short key part, you can even reach screws in awkward places. The newly developed hemispherical head allows the handle part to be fitted at a variable angle between 90° and 100° from the screw axis. This gives your hands more space and helps avoid the risk of injury. You can apply the torque without any restrictions.


The tried-and-tested ball point on the long handle part allows quick turning at angles of up to 30° on screws that might be recessed.


Of course, also with RainBow color coding: the striking colors identify the respective sizes. In this way, the right tool is quickly at hand and is a joy to work with.


Hemispherical head innovation: developed for really difficult places

MM, 90°–100°_Application (a) 
Space to work with 90° 
MM, 90°–100°_Application (b) 
Space to work with 100° 

Short key part for screws that are difficult to access: 90° for insertion, 100° for working.

The 1.5 mm and 2 mm sizes are only made as 90° versions.




Gives your hands more space where screws are hard to reach
Versatility coupled with high torque
Find the right tool instantly






MM, 90°–100°_Details

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