Color-coded VDE slim interchangeable blades with a slim VDE Classic handle – saves time and space
The eye-catching and clear color-coding system ensures that you are able to quickly find the profile you are looking for. This prevents you from having to spend a long time looking for it. The blade clicks audibly and noticeably into place in the VDE handle and can be easily changed. You do not need a handle for any of the profiles and you will save on space and weight in comparison with traditional screwdrivers.

The elastomer coating on the slim polypropylene handle is non-slip and pleasantly gentle on the skin. With the super-slim design of the front third, you will be able to access deep-set screw with the slim blades. Every individual blade has been tested for you in the water quench. Ensuring your safety, little by little.


2-in-1: Use the same blade with or without a handle
In the fast-turning zone, the slip protection allows you to also use the individual blade safely with your thumb and index fingers and without a handle.



 The Trick with the Click – Compact,
Everything You Need, and Safe
Fully insulated and with a slim design –
with these VDE interchangeable blades, you will be able to access deep-set screws and spring terminals safely.

Fully insulated up to 1000 V  or 1500 VDC in accordance with IEC/EN 60900.



Fully insulated and safe – VDE-tested
Rapid profile identification thanks to the colorcoding
Fast-turning zone, slip protection, easy to transport