New torque screwdriver with digital display
With the DigiTorque V02, you can screw delicate materials such as aluminum, carbon and plexiglass, gently and without damage. Use the rotary cap on the end of the handle to set the highly precise release mechanism very accurately and easily – without the need for any additional tools.

When recalibrating with a test device, a key function allows you to easily enter the torque values for adjustment. It is even easier with a cell phone (Android). This not only allows you to transmit the torque values, but also to import and export other useful device information.

DigiTorque V02_Details_Value DigiTorque V02_Details_Display DigiTorque V02_Details_Tools 
Permanent and easy reading of the setting value on the display. Exact display of the torque with a new and unique force measurement in the handle. Torque setting without the need for an additional tool. 
DigiTorque V02_Details_NFC DigiTorque V02_Details_Battery   
NFC Near Field Communication: Connections over short-distances, for transmission of small amounts of information with minimal connection setup time and minimal power consumption. High-quality and replaceable battery.   

Precise determination of torque
New and unique force measurement
Easy torque adjustment

DIGITORQUE V02 Innovation

Adjusting for Recalibration