The Winner – Ready for Use at All times,
Space-saving and Extremely Reliable

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multitool – with this universal cabinet key, you literally have everything to hand. You can open and close the main locking systems in switchgear systems, barriers and building services with the utmost of reliability. Yes, even the filter in a faucet.


stronger than conventional plastics one of the characteristics of the high-performance polymer material. Thanks to this material, the PB 900 is almost indestructible, extremely robust and can be used to generate high torques.

 grams – light, practical and an ideal tool for when you are on the move. A lightweight piece of equipment that is pleasantly warm and sits well in your hand and trouser pockets thanks to its rounded edges.

Universal Cabinet Key_Details

Always Ready for Universal and Mobile Use
Universal Cabinet Key_Details_Use (a) Five drives make it possible to easily open the most important lock systems for switchgear systems, barriers, technology services in buildings, and the water supply. The excellent high-performance polymer makes it possible to achieve high torques.
Universal Cabinet Key_Details_Use (b) The integrated bit holder has space for any two C6 PrecisionBits. Thanks to an integrated magnet in the bit holder of the 8 mm square drive, the bit can be slotted in perfectly and securely.
Universal Cabinet Key_Details_Use (c) The inner recesses in sizes SW22 and SW26 fit perfectly to release M24 and M28 external threads such as for all standard mixing jets in kitchens and bathrooms.
Space saving and light, for mobile use
Resistant and enduring
Universal application


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