Cross-handle with or without a lateral drive
Cross-handles_use (b)    

Whether it’s with a long blade or a short lateral drive, the ergonomic handle allows you to carry out fast screw- driving tasks as well as powerful applications. The handle allows you to keep your wrist straight while holding the screwdriver and protects it. The lateral drive makes it easier to unscrew firmly screwed-in screws.

With the five most-popular profile types and the ergonomic cross-handles, you can powerfully carry out all screwing tasks. The established and popular color-coding system for the profile type also allows you to quickly find and allocate the cross-handles.

The ergonomic two-component cross-handle with the high-quality elastomer coating lies perfectly in your hand and allows fatigue-free working. This material is resistant to solvents, oils, acids and salts.

      Quick turning
Cross-handles_use (a)
      Powerful               tightening
     and loosening       of screws

Three sizes - three shapes
Cross-handles_Small Handle Small Handle
  • Quick turning.
  • Tightening and loosening with thumb
    and forefinger.
Cross-handles_Medium Handle Medium Handle
  • The shape keeps the wrist straight and
    protects it from strain.
Cross-handles_Large Handle Large Handle
  • Safe exertion of highest hand torques.
  • The shape keeps the wrist straight and
    protects it from strain.

Sliding T-handle
Cross-handles_T-side handing (b) Cross-handles_T-side handing (a)

The PB Swiss Tools sliding T-handle for for socket screws is ideally suited to applying higher torques. This tool has both middle and end stops to,  delivering optimum handling in every tightening situation: when tightening and loosening screws, and with fast turning in and out.

Precise, true-to-size tips guarantee an optimal fit in the screw heads. All three drives enjoy the same quality features: a high degree of hardness and toughness, precision and a special alloy.




Ergonomic - less strain on wrist
Effortless application of high torque
Colour-coded by screw type