For reliable work with predefined torques for controlled screw connections, PB Swiss Tools offers three variants of torque handles.

  • MecaTorque
  • MecaTorque Preset
  • DigiTorque V02
  • The MecaTorque is available in an ESD design for work in ESD-protected areas.
  • All of the handles with the exception of 10–50 cNm torque tool are made up of two components.
  • All of the torque handles are supplied with a calibration certificate +/– 6% according to EN/ISO 6789.


ArrowDIGITORQUE V02TORQUE TOOLS_Details_DigiTorque V02_icon
  • Electronic, variable, with digital display.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC).
TORQUE TOOLS_Details_DigiTorque V02
ArrowMECATORQUE PRESETTORQUE TOOLS_Details_MecaTorque Preset_icon
  • Mechanical design, can be recalibrated, without scale.
  • With fixed preset, adjustable as required, for use with constant torque.
TORQUE TOOLS_Details_MecaTorque Preset
TORQUE TOOLS_Details_MecaTorque_icon
  • With a purely mechanical design and an analog scale which,
    thanks to a
    magnifying effect, is easy to read.
TORQUE TOOLS_Details_MecaTorque
  • Mechanical design, variable, with scale.
  • Electrostatically dissipative, protective for sensitive
    electronic components, for ESD-safe workplaces.
TORQUE TOOLS_Details_MecaTorque_icon
TORQUE TOOLS_Details_MecaTorque ESD

Guide values for the M tightening torques for metric shaft screws:

  • The tightening torques provide a theoretical clamping force which corresponds to 90% of the screw yield point. The calculation is done under the assumption that the friction coeffcient for thread and bearing face are identical.
  • The tables should be applied only if no data is available from the manufacturer of the screws or connecting elements. A detailed screw calculation cannot be replaced by the tables.
Tightening torques for different screw grades
Metric thread, mean friction coefficient in threads
TORQUE TOOLS_Details_Screws Grades
Recommended maximal torques in Nm for interchangeable blades and Precisionbits
TORQUE TOOLS_Details_Interchangeable Blades vs Bits