Serial number for timely unlimited guarantee (*)
All PB Swiss Tools hand tools have a serial number. Thus all production stages down to the used raw materials can be traced back. That is the seal of approval for their unique quality. Find out on our website when your PB Swiss Tools tool went through the quality control in the plant.


Type in the serial number of your PB Swiss Tools product in the designated field on the «Quality» tab under «Serial Number» and click on «check». You are then shown the date of the final control. Their database reaches back to the year 1992.


PB Swiss Tools grant a lifetime warranty on material and manufacturing defects. Defective parts that have not been rendered defective through improper use or natural wear will be replaced free of charge with similar or equal products. Any additional indemnification will be strictly denied.


For tools and instruments with limited service life, no "lifetime warranty" can be guaranteed (e. g. instruments supplied in sterile condition). Torque screwdrivers feature a 3-year warranty starting with the purchase date.


(*) Based on national legal regulations concerning maximum warranty periods,
some countries may have imposed a reduced timely ‘’unlimited guarantee’’.




Timely unlimited guarantee
Complete tracing
Visible quality



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