PB SWISS TOOLS: TORQUE TOOLS DigiTorque V02 for type PB 225 interchangeable blades

PB 9325 A

Quick overview

DigiTorque V02, torque screwdriver with digital display, lever handle:

  • For type PB 225 interchangeable blades, torque range 3.4 – 16.0 Nm.
  • Precise mechanics, direct measurement of spring force with unique sensor.
  • For screwdriving with accurately repeated tightening torque (certified +/- 6%).
  • Built-in electronics with NFC interface, replaceable battery.
  • Easy to read setting value on the display, easily adjustable without auxiliary tools.
  • Easier recalibration with NFC interface or via button function.
Item Code
PB 9325.A 3,4-16 Nm Nm: min. 3.4 - max. 16.0 Black 1 200 0 7 610733 273614 11.224.000 đ ADD

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