IDEAL-TEK: High Precision Tweezers

AM Brass/Anti-sparking High Precision Tweezers

Quick overview

  • 5″ – 125 mm.
  • Straight, fine, pointed, superior finish.
  • Suitable to delicate applications which require holding a small component firmly while granting good visibility.
  • The Brass material provides anti-sparking properties while Lacquer coating offers good scratch resistance.

Body material: Nonferrous Alloy type BR.

  • Brass (CuZn37).
  • Copper-zinc alloy.
  • Non-magnetizable.
  • Good to excellent corrosion resistance; all copper alloys resist corrosion by fresh water and steam.
  • Excellent cold workability (forming).
  • Generally it is utilized when high mechanical properties are not required. Typical applications include tweezers for handling scratch-sensitive mechanical parts, watch components, magnets.
Item Code
AM.BR.L NONFERROUS ALLOY/BRASS (BR) 0.18 0.35 8.00 19 10 0 AM.BR.LA.0.IT 1.124.000 đ ADD

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