PB SWISS TOOLS: Torque Screwdrivers

PB 8317 M ESD

Quick overview

ESD MecaTorque, Torque screwdriver with analog scale and magnetic holder for C6 and E6 bits, torque ranges 0.4–2.0 Nm or 1.0–5.0 Nm:

  • For screwdriving work with repeatable tightening torque (certified +/- 6% ).
  • Electrostatically dissipative, protective for sensitive electronic components, for ESD-safe workplaces.
  • Two-component handle with soft casing, comfortable handling.
  • Automatic release, supported by an audible and perceptible click.
  • Turnable head with analog scale, easily adjustable without auxiliary tools.
  • With recalibration tool, to set the scale for adjustment during recalibration.
  • Guarantee for torque handles, 3 years from the purchase date for manufacturing and material errors.
  • Calibration and, where necessary, alignment recommended after 5000 clicks or once a year.
  • Calibration recommended via accredited test center or manufacturer.
Item Code
PB 8317.M 0,4-2,0ESD Nm: min. 0.4 - max. 2.0 Gray 113 1 0 7 610733 246960 7.668.000 đ ADD
PB 8317.M 1,0-5,0ESD Nm: min. 1.0 - max. 5.0 Black 110 1 0 7 610733 246977 7.709.000 đ ADD

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