The right screw-fastening tool, even for difficult application conditions, with adjusted handle ergonomics. The SwissGrip handle consists of 2 components. The soft coating with ergonomic grooves and the soft surface structure guarantee a safe application, even under wet or oily working conditions.


SWISSGRIP STUBBY_Details  The bit magazine remains safely connected with the handle when it is opened.
Handle with the magnetic holder for bits allows the use for all types of different screws.
SWISSGRIP STUBBY_Color One glance, one reach: The right tool is quickly available thanks to color coding, screw symbol and size.
Regular screwdriver SwissGrip Stubby
SWISSGRIP STUBBY_Details_Normal SWISSGRIP STUBBY_Details_SwissGrip Stubby

No more screws impossible to access with the short SwissGrip screwdriver.


The new Stubby with bit holder offers even more than its predecessor:

  • Bit magazine: extendable, remains safely connected with the handle when it is opened.
  • Bit holder: magnetic
  • Equipment style: 6 common PrecisionBits for universal application
  • Handle: compact short SwissGrip handle for screw fastening at difficult to access locations


Space saving
Chemical-resistant, heat-proof up to 140°C
Color-coded by type of screw



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